Tips for getting started with meditation


To get the most from meditation, there are several things that are helpful to bear in mind.

Meditation needs little learning but a lot of practise

Meditation isn’t like an academic subject, we don’t need to learn information or understand a certain philosophy. The essence of meditation is experiential; to quieten the mind and cultivate the inner peace we have deep within. To quieten the mind, we need perseverance, practise and the willingness to keep trying. (more…)

Our Potential

We all have potential. We all have positive qualities which want to be expressed. Unfortunately, in most cases they are latent or in seed form. Most people are born, they live and die without ever touching their full potential.

In truth, there is so much we can give to the world, so much we can contribute to make the world a better place. But in order to do this, we have to find these treasures within ourselves. Everyone is made differently. Everyone has something to add – something unique. To find what we can become, we have to learn to dive deep within through the art of meditation.

Meditation is a kind of sight which enables us to look inside ourselves. It has the capacity to reveal our own hidden potentialities and those of the entire universe. This is a lifelong process and every day, we can discover something new. Meditation is a journey of self-discovery in the highest sense and a lifelong adventure is beckoning us. All we have to do is start!