Tips for getting started with meditation


To get the most from meditation, there are several things that are helpful to bear in mind.

Meditation needs little learning but a lot of practise

Meditation isn’t like an academic subject, we don’t need to learn information or understand a certain philosophy. The essence of meditation is experiential; to quieten the mind and cultivate the inner peace we have deep within. To quieten the mind, we need perseverance, practise and the willingness to keep trying. (more…)

What do you need to meditate?

People often ask what you need in order to meditate. In terms of outer aids, we need very little; meditation can be practised anywhere and anytime. All you need to meditate is yourself and the willingness to set aside apart of the day. There is no other requirements.


However, there are certain things that will help the process. But there are several things which will help meditation be more profitable. (more…)